MEXC Global SAUCE-USDT pair:
SaucerSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Hedera network. A constant product automated market maker (AMM) faciliates non-custodial swaps of native and cross-chain assets in decentralized liquidity pools. Liquidity providers receive trading fees for every swap that is made in their token pair. Furthermore, liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens in yield farms to receive SAUCE and HBAR liquidity mining incentives. Users can also stake SAUCE for SAUCEr with no lockup period. In doing so, they receive a percentage of all trading fees, SAUCE emissions, and HBAR native staking rewards. While receiving these single-sided staking rewards, users can stake SAUCEr in Community Pools to receive the token emissions of liquidity partner projects, thereby compounding their rewards. SaucerSwap will phase in a DAO, with SAUCE serving as the governance token. The Hedera Consensus Service - designed as an enterprise-grade solution - enables new permutations of on-chain voting mechanics, extending the range of potential use-cases. In addition to single-sided staking and DAO-based governance, SaucerSwap will integrate a bridge on its frontend, and thereafter optimize capital efficiency via concentrated liquidity.